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You might be wondering how easy or difficult it is to make money online. Most of us have been acquainted with earning money by doing jobs in brick-and-mortar buildings. Even a few years back, it was difficult to imagine that you can sit in your home and in front of a computer and earn lots of money for it. But today, you can make money on Internet with very little difficulty. There are scores of things you can do to do this. The most common way of earning money online is to have your own ecommerce website. If you have a product to sell or a service to help the people, you can sell it online and earn well.

Ecommerce websites can help you make money online but it might be a very costly way to do it. If you don’t have a good enough investment, you might not be able to sustain the business. There are many advantages of selling your ware through websites. The main advantage is that you don’t have to have a huge office and maintain a good enough inventory. Based on the number of products you sell through the website, you can contact your dealers to prepare the products and then ship them to the customers. This will help you make money on Internet without any problem.

A good example of this can be if you set up a website to sell designer bags. You can make money online if a few of your customers sign up and pay for some of the designer bags. It will help you if you have already established an understanding with the designer houses or the wholesalers dealing with these bags. They can supply you with the necessary bags very quickly and you can then ship these to the customers. It will require very little investment on your part and you can earn a lot of money on Internet by getting into this business.

If you are looking to make some easy money, then you must learn how to make money on Internet. It helps if you have a flair for writing. You must have seen thousands of blogs on the web and if you love to write, then you can join the bandwagon too. There is no end to the subject on which you can write the blogs. You may love to write on gadgets and you will have millions of people who love to read what you write. There are many people on the web who are gadget-crazy and wait for any kind of information on any new gadget released. Writing blogs can tell you how to make money from home easily.

In order to be an expert on how to make money on Internet, you need not know everything about the Internet. But it pays if you have some knowledge on writing blogs which are search engine friendly. You can promote your blogs on social networking sites too and you can get a lot of visitors through these sites. A very good way of attracting the search engine crawler is by writing regularly and keeping the blogs updated. People love to read interesting and new content but unless they show up in the first few pages of the results page, you won’t have many readers. In order to know how to make money from home, you should be adept in Internet marketing as well.

You might wonder how to make money on Internet by just writing blogs. What happens when you write blogs which get noticed is that you earn the trust of the search engines. If you can sustain your efforts over a long time, you can earn a lot of AdSense money through the ads that you can display on your blog site. When any visitor clicks on these ads, Google will pay you some amount of money. This can be a very interesting way of making a living and you don’t have to ask anyone how to make money from home. Your constant writing efforts will give you the money you want.

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Today all want to earn more and more that to with internet from home. Very interesting. Is it true that people are earning Dollars & Dollars from home with internet ? Yes it is true. When I was searching for this opportunity many ways are founded. I realized that one can make money online, but its not so easy to earn money more. If you want more money then you have to work hard to make money online. After a long search I got success and earning money online now. Why not you make money from today.

So I have decided to share the all make money tips and tricks with you, what i have gained. My website makes an effort to introduce and educate you about all the opportunities online. All like from housewives to teens, kids, students can make money from online. A computer and an internet connection is the basic requirement. Many genuine and legitimate opportunities to make money online are there. I have also shared the all popular option to investment stock market, commodity market, forex trading in detail here.

Greatest advantage of working online is the fact that it allows you to work from home.But my friends, its not a magic, only needs hard dedicated labour..... With out labour you can't fulfill your desire to make money online from home... So be ready to make money from today...

Best ways and ideas to make money online
Freelance job
Freelancing is a place where both employers and employees get satisfaction. There you can find your job and post your job. Freelance is a arrangement that is useful for employers and employees. Freelance provides a great opportunity to make a fortune. There you have writing jobs, web designing and computer related jobs, internet marketing and search engine optimization jobs etc. There are data entry opportunities, form filling opportunities etc. If you have time and skill then you can go for freelancing and earn money online.
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Internet marketing
Another second opportunity to make money online is internet marketing also called as search engine marketing. After build an website every webmaster needs to promote their website. There is no value if the website has no traffic. Internet marketing is one of the most popular measurable way that increases your website's traffic and broadening your client base. Internet marketing raises the profile of your website strategically in order to target visitors and boost visitor numbers.
People usually hate to promote their own websites. This makes them employ others to promote their websites. If you are imaginative and creative, you can make a real good income using this opportunity.
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Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is another third way to income online. Its one of the online marketing system where an advertiser advertises or sales its product or services through another website online by displaying banner and its link. The website who displays or sales products of others is known as publisher or affiliate. In affiliate programs the advertiser rewards the affiliate for every visitors, subscribers or customer brought about by the affiliate's marketing efforts.
We can say it as this - "Affiliate marketing is a method of promoting web businesses through revenue sharing advertising between two websites. The affiliate website displays a banner advertisement of another website, to share their visitors. The affiliate in turn gets compensated for displaying the advertisement." Its a great opportunity to earn online through affiliate marketing..
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Pay per click
Pay per click (ppc) is most popular among in the kids or teen ages. Its because there is nothing to do technically or not to give more time and effort. Just you have to click on the ads provided by other pay par click website and you will credited a certain amount...You can join these pay per click companies and make money visiting websites and referring people to them. Really an easiest way for housewives, teen ages, kids to make money online.
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Writing Article
Domain hosting and reseller
Sell on ebay
Write an ebook
Sell websites
Paid surveys

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I had posted some days before that how to start pay per click. When you go for pay per click advertisement as an advertiser then first you have to choose a proper pay per click search engine. Go to them and experiment with free sing up. There are two characters play role in pay per click advertisement management. One is Advertiser and another is publisher.

When an advertiser prepares to advertise his ads online or through pay per click advertisement system, he has to choose ppc search engines and after this first step has to analyze the keywords for pay per click campaign.

Keywords are the foundation to successful pay per click marketing. Keywords are your investment in ppc. You bid or invest money in a keyword, expecting a return on your money.Consider this - all your ads and landing pages are based on your keyword choices. Choose the right keywords in your starting line-up and you've got increased traffic and increased quality of traffic, the wrong keywords and the rest of your marketing goes down the tube as well.

Have you heard something about KEI- keyword effectiveness index? The KEI of a keyword is a way of determining which keywords are right for your website based on popularity and competitiveness. Only pay per click campaign can tell you which keywords might be most profitable. If you get a lot of click-through a certain keyword, that should tell that you can attract traffic for that keyword. As a new advertiser you will get all these helps regarding keyword research for pay per click campaign from various search engines, they provide useful keyword analyze tools.

How to analyze keywords with search engines?

Keyword analyze with Google Adword's tool. There is so many free and paid keyword analyzer tools, but using Google's adword research tool is your best bet to make decisions based on Google.

1. First you have to sign up with Google AdWord free.
2. Set up a pay-per-click account.
3. Run a campaign with your chosen keywords.
4. Measure the results. To have real measurements, you must do the test for at least a week. Analytics tools will help you figure out how much time visitors spend on your web site, which pages they spend time on and from which pages they leave.
5. If you get unsatisfactory for you results, find and test more keywords. The biggest measurement for the results is what you get back versus to your investments. If you get a double return on your investment, your keywords are working good. If you spent $200 on pay-per-click during your test week and got back $50, research and test more keywords for better result.
stay on touch.... i will come back soon with more tips how to measure the keywords for pay per click campaign...

Tools by
Tools by
Tools by
Tools by
Tools by
Tools by Google
Tools by Adword learning Center
Tools by MSN

  1. KeyCompete - Shows Keywords that are bought by competitor
  2. Search Analytic - A low cost competitive keywords research tool
  3. Trellian Competitive Intelligence - Another tool as same as
  4. HitWise - Costs about $10,000 and up.
  5. SEMPhonic - Shows keyword rankings with competitive reporting
  6. KeywordSpy - Shows data including cached ad copy and affiliate data, just similar to key-Compete.
  7. SpyFu - Shows Keywords that competitor are buying and ranking position in the major search engines.

The most affordable competitive free analysis tools are here to help you get more out of your pay per click marketing campaigns.
Let’s check……

Key word analyzer tools with
Key word analyzer tools with
Key word Suggestion
Paid Competitive Research Tools
Budget Estimation Tool With Google
Guidance for cost estimation

Bulk Keyword Editing Tool with Microsoft Advertising
Bid Management Tools
Conversion Optimizer
Other Handy Pay Per Click Testing Tools with SEO BOOK
Tools Offered by Search Engines
Web Analysis Tools A very user friendly tools by Google, my most favorite..
Free Analysis Tools
Cheap Paid Analysis Tools
Affordable Business Analysis Tools
Expensive / Premium Tools

Archie is the first search engine in the world, created in 1990 by Alan Emtage, a student at McGill University in Montreal.

Archie is short for "Archives" but the programmer had to conform to UNIX standards of short names.The program downloaded the directory listings of all the files located on public anonymous FTP (File Transfer Protocol) sites, creating a search able database of filenames.

The first few hundred web sites began in 1993 and most of them were at colleges, but long before most of them existed came Archie. Archie helped solve this data scatter problem by combining a script-based data gatherer with a regular expression matcher for retrieving file names matching a user query. Essentially Archie became a database of web filenames which it would match with the users queries.

While Archie indexed computer files, "Gopher" indexed plain text documents. Gopher was created in 1991 by Mark McCahill at the University of Minnesota. (The program was named after the school's mascot). Because these were text files, most of the Gopher sites became Web sites after the creation of the World Wide Web.

Two other programs, "Veronica" and "Jughead," searched the files stored in Gopher index systems. Veronica (Very Easy Rodent-Oriented Net-wide Index to Computerized Archives) provided a keyword search of most Gopher menu titles in the entire Gopher listings. Jughead (Jonzy's Universal Gopher Hierarchy excavation And Display) was a tool for obtaining menu information from various Gopher servers.

Search Engines Historical Time line


* 2009-07-29 - Microsoft, Yahoo! Change Search Landscape
(For users and advertisers, and deliver sustained innovation to the industry, Yahoo! and Microsoft announced an agreement that will improve the Web search experience. Its simple to understand that Microsoft will now power Yahoo!-search while Yahoo! will become the exclusive worldwide relationship sales force for both companies' premium search advertisers.)

* 2007 June - Google Acquisitions
* 2006 January - Google launches Google Video
* 2006 February - SE traffic 5.1 billion searches per month
* 2006 February - Teoma/ The Butler is gone
* 2006 March - Zeal Directory discontinued
* 2006 March - Google acquires
* 2006 March - Google launches Google Mars
* 2006 March - Google joins the S&P 500 Index
* 2006 April - Yahoo! launches FairChase Travel
* 2006 August - Google launches Writely Beta
* 2006 August - Danny Sullivan resigning from SEW
* 2006 September - MSN launches Live Search
* 2005 January - AOL Search Relaunches
* 2005 January - Gigablast Index Size 1,000,000,000+
* 2005 March - Overture Renamed Yahoo! SMS
* 2005 March - Yahoo! Celebrates 10th Anniversary
* 2005 March - IAC/InterActiveCorp acquires AskJeeves
* 2005 May - AskJeeves acquires Excite Europe
* 2005 June - Corey Rudl dies at age 34
* 2005 August - Incisive acquires SearchEngineWatch
* 2005 August - MSN acquires Teleo (VoIP)
* 2005 September - Google offers free WiFi to San Francisco
* 2005 October - Google launches Google Local
* 2005 December - AOL acquires Truveo
* 2004 January - New MSN Search BETA
* 2004 February - Lycos Communities discontinued
* 2004 February - Lycos Search discontinued
* 2004 February - Yahoo! Web Search powered by Yahoo!
* 2004 March - Yahoo! Site Match™ powered by Overture
* 2004 March - AskJeeves acquires Excite, iWon, My Way
* 2004 March - AlltheWeb switches to Yahoo! Search
* 2004 March - Yahoo! Toolbar with WebRank
* 2004 March - Google Gmail free email service
* 2004 March - AltaVista switches to Yahoo! Search
* 2004 June - Google invests in Baidu Search China
* 2004 June - AskJeeves acquires Tukaroo Search
* 2004 June - Yahoo! launches China
* 2004 June - AOL acquires
* 2004 June - New MSN Search Technology Preview
* 2004 August 19 - Google IPO GOOG NASDAQ
* 2004 August - Yahoo! launches Local Search Engine
* 2004 September - Amazon launches Search
* 2004 November - Google Index Size 8,058,044,651
* 2004 November - New MSN Search
* 2003 March - Yahoo! acquires Inktomi
* 2003 April - Overture acquires Fast/AlltheWeb
* 2003 April - Overture acquires AltaVista
* 2003 April - Google acquires Applied Semantics
* 2003 April - FindWhat acquires Espotting
* 2003 June - Google AdSense
* 2003 July - Yahoo! to buy Overture
* 2003 October - Yahoo! acquires Overture
* 2003 October - Google acquires Sprinks
* 2002 February - Google AdWords Select
* 2002 March - Gigablast Pre-Beta
* 2002 March - LookSmart acquires WiseNut
* 2002 July - Gigablast Beta
* 2002 December - Froogle
* 2001 October - GoTo changes name to Overture
* 2001 September - AskJeeves acquires Teoma
* 2001 Sepetember - WiseNut
* 2001 August - LookSmart integrates Zeal
* 2001 May - JoeAnt
* 2001 April - Teoma
* 2001 February - GoGuides
* 2001 February - Google acquires Deja Archive
* 2000 May - Terra acquires Lycos
* 2000 June - Yahoo! Web Search powered by Google
* 2000 June - Vivisimo
* 2000 September -
* 2000 September - Espotting
* 2000 September - LookSmart acquires Zeal Media
* 2000 October - Google AdWords
* 2000 December - Google Toolbar
* 1999 January - At Home acquires Excite
* 1999 February - GO Network
* 1999 June - CMGI acquires AltaVista
* 1999 July - Disney acquires Infoseek
* 1999 August - AlltheWeb
* 1999 September - FindWhat
* 1999 November - NBCi/Snap
* 1998 April - Direct Hit
* 1998 May - Yahoo! Web Search powered by Inktomi
* 1998 June - ODP/DMOZ
* 1998 September - MSN Search
* 1998 September - Google
* 1998 October - Lycos acquires HotBot
* GoTo acquires WWW Worm
* 1997 February - The Mining Company
* 1997 April - AskJeeves
* 1997 July - FAST Search
* 1997 August - Northern Light
* GoTo
* 1996 January - BackRub
* 1996 April - Alexa
* 1996 May - HotBot
* 1996 June -
* 1996 October - LookSmart
* Dogpile
* Mamma
* 1995 February - Infoseek
* 1995 May - SavvySearch
* 1995 June - MetaCrawler
* 1995 August - DejaNews
* 1995 August - Magellan
* 1995 September - Inktomi
* 1995 October - Excite
* 1995 December - AltaVista
* 1994 April - WebCrawler
* 1994 April - Yahoo!
* 1994 July - Lycos
* 1994 December - First W3C meeting at MIT
* 1993 February - Architext
* 1993 March - First email message sent by Bill Clinton
* 1993 March - Jughead
* 1993 June - WWW Wanderer
* 1993 August - Mosaic Web Browser
* 1993 November - Aliweb
* 1993 December - WWW Worm
* 1993 December - JumpStation
* 1993 December - RBSE
* 1992 July - Lynx Web Browser
* 1992 December - Veronica
* 1991 April - Gopher
* 1991 April - WAIS publisher fed search engine
* 1991 May - WWW Server Production
* 1990 December - WWW Server Prototype
* Archie

Credit for the concept of the Pay Per Click model is generally given to Idealab and founder, Bill Gross. In February 1998 presented a pay per click search engine proof-of-concept to the TED conference in California. That time was a 25-employee start up company, which is known as Overture, now a part of Yahoo!. That presentation and the events that followed created the PPC advertising system.

In December 1999 Google introduced search engine advertising, but until October 2000, the AdWords system was not introduced, allowing advertisers to create text ads for placement on the Google search engine. Yahoo! advertisements have been PPC-based since their introduction in 1998.